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» FACETTE creates typical black and white composite sketches showing the unique “FACETTE Look”:
Photo-realistic facial components combined with drawing-like elements.

» Complete picture libraries consisting of more than 4,000 facial components, including various ethnic types. Libraries can easily be extended by adding picture elements from own archives.

» “Auto-Imaging” method: According to the description of the witness FACETTE automatically offers a random choice of facial combinations. A special filtering process leads the user to
an optimum portrait resemblance within the shortest time possible.

» „Image-Merging“ function:
Facial elements of different portraits can be mixed together to build a new portrait
i.e. hairstyle from portrait A, eyes from portrait B,  nose from portrait C, facial shape from portrait D.

» Free modification of all components:
Positioning, scaling, adjusting contrast and brightness, Gamma control, rotating, horizontal flipping, trapezoid distortion etc.

» Comprehensive drawing tools such as eraser, pencil, brush, airbrush, smudge tool, stamp tool and dodge/burn tool

» Visualized image history
A thumbnail gallery displaying the image history lets you revert to any previous state of your portrait.

» Age progression is simulated by fading in special layers.

» „Short Selection“
Every state of the facial composite can be stored and displayed as thumbnail in a separate window.

» Built-in image database for filing and organizing of the completed FACETTE portraits

» Images from external resources can be imported and furtherly processed.

» FACETTE helps to reconstruct putrefied or mutilated faces

» File format (FTT) for image storing and data exchange between FACETTE users
(Images can be furtherly processed in any way)

» Various data import and export functions (JPEG, BMP, TIFF)

» Available languages:
German, English, Spain, Italian, Portuguese, Polish. Localization into other languages on inquiry.