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As a new FACETTE user, you will want to operate the system as quickly as possible achieving maximum success. Our trainings are an essential requirement for an efficient FACETTE performance. The topics dealt with in our courses go far beyond the technical operation of the software.

The subjects fall into three areas:

I. Application of the FACETTE Face Design System
(Program functions, organisation of the database, completing the components libraries by adding own facial components, editing of external images, system maintenance etc.)

II. Drawing skills
(Anatomically right portrait drawing, spatial drawing, male and female face proportions, simulating of ageing processes etc.)

III. Dealing with the witness
(Bases of the perception psychology, objective and subjective influencing factors of the witness perception, witness questioning methods etc.)

FACETTE courses can be held as a 2 day intensive course or as a 3 day course.
The participation is confirmed by a certificate.

We do not offer any standardized courses but adapt the teaching programme according to the previous knowledge of the participants.

Please ask for an individual quotation.